We’ve had a lot of people requesting BlackBerry Enterprise Services (BES) on our Hosted Microsoft Exchange platform, so we’re happy to announce that it’s now available to all PDPS Internet Prime customers!

BES gives you the same level of functionality for Microsoft Exchange mailboxes as other ActiveSync devices (such as iPhones and many Android phones). You’ll be able to sync email, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes and more between your BlackBerry and your Exchange Mailbox, saving time and hassle if you’re an Exchange user.

If you have a BlackBerry, you can take advantage of Exchange on your phone for an additional £7.99 per month. Please note that typically only those with business mobile tariffs will be able to add BlackBerry Enterprise Services as consumer handsets tend to have the functionality disabled.

Before purchasing, please ensure that your device is fully compatible with BES services. To check compatibility, follow the instructions contained here. Typically, a business tariff with your mobile provider will be required. Please note that no refunds are available for this service.