PDPSInternet9It could be said that PDPS Internet is just like any other hosting company, but you would be wrong. We are one company but have 2 distinct approaches to managing your web presence totally depending on what you the customer require.

You want to do it yourself, or You want us to do it for you.

It was pointed out to us recently that we should tell our prospective customers why people have come to PDPS Internet for their hosting needs in the first place, and more often than not its because they have a dislike for the large impersonal organisations.

The poor Service, poor speeds, lack of control, the inability to speak to the same person more than once, feeling like they’re just another customer with no personal attention, or crucially, the inability to say hey, I have a problem, please help.

If you can see yourself in that situation then PDPS Internet is just what you need. We don’t just compete on price, although our pricing is good, its because we offer what the larger companies cannot, that personal attention when you need it, and that means we can beat the biggest in the business where it matters most, with you, the customer.

We know that there are many out there that would like to start blogging, or to set up their own business website, but don’t have the technical skills to set it all up, design or develop a site or to manage it once it is up and running, and then there are the dreaded security elements.

PDPS Internet are happy to help those customers, assisting in choosing the best software for the task, talk them through many of the setup options, and for a reasonable fee do it for them. We can even help with the web design including those security modules that will keep the site safer.

So why not give PDPS Internet a try, we are just a phone call away on 029 2000 6906 or you can begin the order process by using the encrypted Contact Us form.

Having said that, for those who prefer to do all this themselves, what we call DIY – Go Global, we can do that as well. PDPS Internet Global offer a fully automated hosting setup in 5 locations, with fully outsourced 24/7 first line support.